For American Degree Transfer Program (ADTP)

^ Total score based on 8 subjects, score for each individual subject should not be less than 4 points.
**^ Applicable to Pre-University Programmes only.

# Scholarship quantum will be deducted from the tuition fee. Terms and Conditions apply.

For Pre-University & ACCA Foundation in Accountancy (ACCA FIA) & Certificate in Finance, Accounting & Business (CFAB)

# Scholarship quantum will be deducted from the tuition fee. Terms and Conditions apply. 

 RM 3,000             RM 4,000           RM 5,000           RM 6,000 

Scholarship Quantum#


ATAR 80-84.99


CGPA 3.20


14 - 15 pts

≥ CGPA 3.00

≥ 29

CGPA 3.20



ATAR 85-89.99


CGPA 3.40


11 - 13 pts

≥ CGPA 3.33

≥ 31

CGPA 3.40



ATAR 90-94.99


CGPA 3.60


6 - 10 pts

≥ CGPA 3.45

≥ 33

CGPA 3.60 



ATAR 95 and above

95% and above

CGPA 3.80 and above

95% and above 

5 pts

≥ CGPA 3.67 

≥ 35 

CGPA 3.80 

Cambridge GCE A Level

Australian Matriculation

Canadian Matriculation

Sunway Foundation in Arts /
Sunway Foundation in Science and Technology

Monash University Foundation Year


STPM (Points are calculated based on best 3 subjects)


Diplomas (Sunway College KL)

Jeffrey Cheah Entrance Scholarship is only applicable for 2024 intakes with Academic Certificate validity of 2 years prior to joining Sunway University / Sunway College (KL)
# Scholarship quantum will be deducted from the tuition fee. Terms and Conditions apply.

Jeffrey Cheah Entrance Scholarship 2024

Nurturing the future Olympians of Malaysia. 

Sunway Sports Scholarships is offering up to 100% scholarships to Sunway College & Sunway University student athletes representing Malaysia. Apply now to level up your sporting talents and ace your tertiary education with flying colours!

Ontario Secondary School Certificate (OSSC) Percentage**Scholarship Quantum#
95% and aboveFull Scholarship
93% - 94.99%RM 15,000
90% - 92.99%RM 12,000
88% - 89.99%
RM 9,000
86% - 87.99%RM 6,000
84% - 85.99%RM 5,000
83% - 83.99%
RM 4,000
82% - 82.99%
RM 3,000
SPM GradesCambridge/AQA/Pearson GCE O-Level GradesIB MYP Scores^Scholarship Quantum#
9A+ and above9A* and above54 points & aboveFull Scholarship
9As (with minimum 5A+)9As (with minimum 5A*)52 - 53 pointsRM 15,000
9 (A+, A, A-)9 (A*, A)50 - 51 pointsRM 12,000
8 (A+, A, A-)8 (A*, A)48 - 50 pointsRM 9,000
7 (A+, A, A-)7 (A*, A)45 - 47 pointsRM 6,000
6 (A+, A, A-)6 (A*, A)42 - 44 pointsRM 5,000
5 (A+, A, A-)5 (A*, A)
RM 4,000
4 (A+, A, A-)4 (A*, A)
RM 3,000
3 (A+, A, A-)3 (A*, A)
RM 2,000
SPM GradesCambridge/AQA/Pearson GCE O-Level GradesUEC Grades
Scholarship Quantum#
9A+ and above9A* and above9A1 and aboveFull Scholarship for 30 Credit Hours
9As (with minimum 5A+)9As (with minimum 5A+)9As (with minimum 5A+)RM 15,000
9 (A+, A, A-)9 (A*, A)9A's
RM 12,000
8 (A+, A, A-)8 (A*, A)8A'sRM 9,000
7 (A+, A, A-)7 (A*, A)7A'sRM 6,000
6 (A+, A, A-)6 (A*, A)6A'sRM 5,000
6 (A+, A, A-)6 (A*, A)6A'sRM 5,000
5 (A+, A, A-)5 (A*, A)5A'sRM 4,000
4 (A+, A, A-)4 (A*, A)4A'sRM 3,000
3 (A+, A, A-)3 (A*, A)3A'sRM 2,000
SPM GradesCambridge/AQA/Pearson GCE O-Level GradesScholarship Quantum#
9 (A+, A, A-)
and above
9A's and aboveRM 15,000
8 (A+, A, A-)8A'sRM 10,000
7 (A+, A, A-)7A'sRM 7,000
6 (A+, A, A-)6A'sRM 6,000
5 (A+, A, A-)5A'sRM 5,000
4 (A+, A, A-)4A'sRM 4,000
3 (A+, A, A-)3A'sRM 3,000
EntryScholarship Quantum#
RM 6,000/Year
RM 11,000/Year
STPM≥ CGPA 3.22≥ CGPA 3.55
Australian Matriculation≥ ATAR 80≥ ATAR 90
UEC11 - 15 pts10 pts and below
IB Diploma Programme≥ 29≥ 33
from recognised education
institutions in Malaysia
≥ CGPA 3.60≥ CGPA 3.80
EntryScholarship Quantum#
RM 3,000
RM 4,000
RM 5,000
RM 6,000
Australian MatriculationATAR 80-84.99ATAR 85-89.99ATAR 90-94.99ATAR 95 and above
Canadian Matriculation80-84.99%85-89.99%90-94.99%95% and above
Sunway Foundation Programmes & Diplomas
(Sunway College KL/ Sunway College Ipoh/
Sunway College Kuching)
CGPA 3.00CGPA 3.20CGPA 3.40CGPA 3.60 and above
Monash University Foundation Year80-84.99%85-89.99%90-94.99%95% and above
UEC14 - 15 pts11 - 13 pts6 - 10 pts5 pts
Diplomas (Sunway College JB)≥ 70%≥ 75%≥ 80%≥ 85%
IB Diploma Programme≥ 29≥ 31≥ 33≥ 35
Foundation/ Matriculation/ Diploma from other
recognised education institution in Malaysia
CGPA 3.20CGPA 3.40CGPA 3.60CGPA 3.80 & above
STPM (Points are calculated based on best 3 subjects)
≥ CGPA 3.00≥ CGPA 3.33≥ CGPA 3.45≥ CGPA 3.67

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For Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) & The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales (ICAEW) Programmes  

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** Average percentage from year Grade 11 based on the best 6 subjects inclusive of English (ENG3U/ ENG3C) and Function (MCR3U/ MCF3M).

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# Scholarship quantum will be deducted from the tuition fee. Terms and Conditions apply.

# Scholarship quantum will be deducted from the tuition fee. Terms and Conditions apply.

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